What we offer

Support for science/research parks and business incubation
Today there are more than 450 science parks globally and perhaps as many as 4500 business incubators. Some are strong and well-established. Others have failed. And new developments are being contemplated or are underway.

transmera is interested in providing concrete advice and implementation oriented plans to better ensure the success or re-invigoration of science park and/or incubator projects. This means that the companies in these environments also need support.

      Development strategy advice and support for the private and public sector
  • Expansion strategies
  • English and American business culture
  • Business intelligence and Market analysis
  • Market placement and strategy                                          
  • Market communications and translations
  • Business development strategies
  • Education and Innovation workshops
  • Strategic networks and contacts

Commercialisation and Knowledge Transfer

Technology transfer and commercialisation takes many forms.

transmera assesses national or academic policies and practices for moving researchand development into the commercial marketplace.

Entrepreneurship Education and Support

Entrepreneurship is more than a component of study in a business school.

transmera offers creative and experienced advice and training in implementing entrepreneurship and innovation programs in schools at all levels and for all disciplines.

Mary Spaeth, President/VD of transmera, has taught Entrepreneurship and BusinessDevelopment at Linköping University in Sweden, Corporate       Entrepreneurship at University of the West of Scotland and graduate courses in technology and innovation management as well as entrepreneurship at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. She is currently completing a PhD in Entrepreneurship and enterprise in the Creative Industries.

Economic Development and Foreign Direct Investment

Today, economic developers must rely heavily on the collaboration of citizens, government, business development experts, corporations, and academic institutions tocreate a properly balanced environment for effective and sustainable growth or downsizing.

transmera, through its expertise in bridging the activities of these many organisations and people, can help to move a community, region, or nation forward strategically and sensibly.